TV Aerials UK

TV Aerials UK

Digital TV Aerial UKTV Aerials UK are soon going to have to be changed as the UK is steadily switching off the Analogue signal and all TV’s will need the capability to receive a digital TV signal instead.

With the Digital TV switchover looming, the UK population will need a good quality Digital TV Aerial in order that they can receive the new tv channels and services, the change over of Aerials it will help offer more services to the UK population. The services that people will receive will be more comprehensive and will be a mixture of FREEVIEW and PAY TO VIEW services.

Do I need a Digital TV Aerial?

In a nut shell – Most of the UK population will receive their Digital TV Signal through a Digital TV Aerial or satellite in the UK although some will get theirs using Cable or Freesat. Here at Tradeworks TV Aerials UK we have a whole host of solutions whatever your preferred method of getting your TV channels onto your screen.

Can I not use my old Aerial?

Some households will require a new roof top TV aerials. However some households maybe lucky and get away with their exsisting roof-top TV aerials if they are in good condition.

The factors it will depend on are the following for your TV Aerial

  • Where you live
  • Which frequencies are used at your local transmitter
  • The nature and condition of your current aerial installation

If you are having work done on your aerial, for any reason, you might like to think about upgrading it for digital. Many installations can be made digitally compatible now for the progressive switch to digital that lies ahead.

At Tradeworks we are experts in Digital TV Aerials UK, we have been supplying and installing TV Aerials for over 15 years both to the Trade and Domestic customers.

The digital switch over is expected to start around late August 2012. You need to make sure you get your TV Aerial checked prior to this date to ensure you don’t wake up to a blank screen.

For more information on TV Aerials and the digital switch over contact us at Tradeworks

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