Want to view and control Sky, Freesat and Freeview around the home?

Take back control of your TV viewing with the Triax Tri-Link Kit!Tri-Link Kit single addtional TV

The Triax Tri-Link Kit removes the need to purchase individual set top boxes for each additional TV around the home. It can control up to 3 different devices including Sky/Sky + Receiver and allows you to watch and control recorded programmes in multiple rooms.


  • Optional DVD configuration
  • Powers up Digital Link Amplifier and Link eyes
  • Controls Sky, Sky + in the conventional way via RF2
  • Fully agile modulator
  • Scart loop through
  • Compact and stylish

The Tri-Link kit contains: a Modulator, a Power Supply Unit, a Compact Eye and IR Transmitters.

If more than one additional TV is required, then RF2 Out is connected to the Compact Digital Links via an IR Amplifier such as a Triax Link Amplifier.Tri-Link Kit multiple additional TVs

Purchase the 370403 Triax 4 Way Link Amplifier for up to 4 additional TVs or the 370402 Triax 2 Way Link Amplifier for up to 2 additional TVs.

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