Hideaway your AV equipment in a cabinet or TV unit!

Marmitek Invisible 6 XTRA -2The Marmitek Invisible Control 6 XTRA allows you to control all devices placed inside an AV cabinet or TV unit. It is the ideal solution for operating all your AV equipment through closed doors without having to have them in view. With only a very small IR receiver in view the rest can be completely out of sight. It is compatible with all digital TV providers in Europe, like BT Vision, Freesat, Freeview, Sky TV, Sky+, Sky HD and Virgin. New infrared technology makes the Invisible Control 6 XTRA quick and easy to install. The receiver uses special filtering techniques, so using it near TVs, in direct sunlight and with lighting is not a problem.


How to install the Marmitek Invisible Control 6 XTRAMarmitek Invisible 6 XTRA

  • Place your AV device in a closed cabinet or TV unit.
  • Then place IR receiver in view of your remote control. The most logical location for this is on the cabinet in which the AV equipment is located or near the TV.
  • Stick the IR blaster LEDs wherever you like in the cabinet or TV unit. You will then be able to operate all of the AV devices in that specific section.
  • Plug the IR receiver into the IR module.
  • Plug the IR Blaster cables in and connect the supplied power adapter.
  • Mount the IR Module in an accessible place behind or alongside your AV equipment.
  • Point the remote control towards the small IR receiver in order to send the desired command (via the IR module) to the IR blaster LEDs; these will then send on this infrared command to the A/V equipment.

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