Televes DAT HD Boss 790 TV Aerial


The Televes DAT HD BOSS 790 looks very similar to other UHF aerials but has several unique features. With three directors the original design sends more signal toward the receiving elements and helps filter out LTE signals. By filtering out LTE signals, you have the best chance of picking up all the channels you want, interference-free.

The DAT HD BOSS 790 has mechanical features that allow the folding of the structure for optimal storage and shipment. It is easily mounted to a mast using a hybrid adjustable clamp system that puts the aerial slightly off centre on a mast so it can be mounted slightly lower. This reduces stress on the mast and makes the aerial less likely to rotate in high winds. The clamp can be adjusted to allow the aerial to tilt up and down about 5 degrees before being locked in, there’s also a notched, ribbed steel piece on the opposite side of the bar to help the aerial stay put.

The intelligent BossTech electrical device automatically adjust the level of the received signal to an optimum value. This means if the incoming level is low the device raises the level at its output or if the incoming level is too high it will decrease the level at its output. Therefore, there is no need to worry about input level after installation as the aerial guarantees the best output level.

149901-2Technical Specification

BOSStech: OFF – ON

Channels: 21-60

Max Gain dBi: 17 – 32

Output level dBμV: – 2

Recommended output level dBμV: >75 – <75

Noise figure dB: – Auto

Power supply Vdc: 0 – 12-24

Maximum current mA: – 40

Beamwidth: º – 30

Length mm: 1112

Wind load N: 120 (130 Km/h) – 165 (150 Km/h)

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