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LTE 4G Protected Multiswitches

LTE 4G Protected Multiswitches



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A multiswitch is a device used with a quattro LNB to combine satellite (IF), TV, UHF, FM and DAB signals down one single cable, then distribute the signals to multiple (usually more than four) receivers from a single dish and LNB.

For very large installations the signals from the LNB can be split and fed to more than one multiswitch. Typically a larger dish is used to make up for the extra losses in the longer cable runs and the multiswitches.

Multiswitches combine Satellite and terrestrial TV and FM radio signals down one cable which can then be split out again by a special faceplate (known as a triplexer). This allows satellite, TV and radio service to be supplied down a single cable saving on installation costs.
Multiswitches are commonly installed in offices, hospitals or blocks of flats in to allow all the residents to receive satellite TV without having to have a separate dish for every resident.
The most common forms of a multiswitch are 5 input - 1 x Terrestrial aerial input (could have been UHF, FM and DAB combined) and 4 x satellite inputs (from a Quattro LNB).
These allow for one satellite and Terrestrial signals to be distributed to many receivers - ideal for use with Sky/freesat etc.

Newer models include the option to add more satellites, including 9 input (2 x 4 satellite feeds plus Terrestrial), 17 input (4 x 4 satellite feeds plus terrestrial). This allows for sky/freesat to be transmitted to every point but also the ability for the receiver to select a different satellite, with the use of DiSEqC controls.

We provide a very extensive support system with the addition of being able to plan and design systems for you - just email us any questions or queries. We have experience with planning and installing systems with over 1000 flats.

**There is nothing difficult in fitting a multiswitch system, we will provide a full support solution to anyone who requires it.**

All the below Multiswitches now come with LTE 4G protection built in.