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Cascade Multiswitches

Cascade Multiswitches

Cascadable Multiswitches


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Cascadable multiswitches (or Line Powered) use the electrical power from the main head end (location of the main/first amplifier/switch). The power is transferred down the coaxial cables (down the line) and each switch in the line uses some of the power and passes the rest on further down the line. This is ideal when there is only the option of having power at the main install location. 

When installing cascadable multiswitches be aware of the power used by every individual piece of equipment and make sure that there is adequate supply for everything. Additional power injectors may be required.

Switches come in either 5 or 9 wire versions. 5 wire is for TV/radio and one satellite dish position. 9 wire is for TV/radio and two satellite positions. 9 wire systems are very popular for buildings where residents speak languages other than English.

All the below Mains Powered Multiswitches now come with built in LTE 4G Interference Protection.